Clearing your house - Lesson Two
by Joe Smith

The second way to clear your house is on a map as is the third way. 

Make a couple of maps of your property, draw all the rooms and place north on it with your address. That is in case you want to do some one else's house. This method was developed by Gladys McCoy. She uses this method for the body scan as well. 

Locate all the det zones (Detrimental energy zone) and water veins running under your house. Hartman and curry zones will be most of them. 

Hartman run n-s and e-s in a grid and curry runs in a 45 degree to n-s, both ways. You can use colored pens to mark these all out. I use green for the water veins. Make two copies of these zones. One for lesson #3 work. 

While you are looking for the zones just work around the outside walls with the pendulum in search motion. That is like your yes answer only it will turn at the corners. When you find one it will circle or it might swing in the direction of the zone. Once you have found these and the water vein if there is any, then check each one to see if it is an
entry point or exit point. Some of these rotate between one direction and the other. So now you have to check for that also.

On the entry points of the drawing place a small u shaped mark turned out away from the house. Then place 2 more one inside of the other. Like a bowel set. One inside the other, all facing away from the house. Gladys uses this on her body scan method also. The is to deflect the bad energy . You know, if one is good 3 is better??? Try this out on a couple of spots and see if it works for you.

There are other methods we won't get into very much . They involve blue tape, wire and special things like Bob McKusick makes. They all work to a point. Now you have used a couple of things just to get you aquatinted with them . Did it work as far as you went? Lets hear from you . Then we will do it the easy way, Joe's way. We must have at least 3 people out there, unless they are asleep.


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